6 Upgrades That Make Your Car Look Expensive

Car upgrades can cost a severe amount of money, and it’s usually not our focus. When it’s sometimes challenging to do general maintenance on your vehicle, finding a cost-effective way to spruce it up can be a fun way of improving on a bad situation. Here are some creative ways you can make the best out of a low budget.

1. LED Lights

An LED strip that can wrap around your speakers, rims, or underneath the undercarriage can be super cheap if you purchase them online. Many of these LED strips can hook up to an app on your phone or a remote to change the colours, make them flash, or cycle. 

2. Private Number Plates

A customised number plate can make your car look expensive, especially if the plates are rare or contain no numbers. Multiple plates can be made unique to you. For example, you could use your name, a nickname, or something else you enjoy. If you’re on the search for number plates, you can purchase them through many online retailers, like Absolute Reg.

3. Tinted Windows

Adding a tint to your windows serves a duel purpose. Not only will it darken the windows so no one can see into your car, but a tint can add UV protection to your windshield and help you see easier when the light is shining directly in your eyes. Read the regulations for tinting car windows, because some countries/states won’t let you tint the driver side window, because the police can’t see distracted driving if it occurs.

4. New Paint

A rusted exterior or chipped paint isn’t aesthetically pleasing, and it can make your new car look old and dated. Plenty of people have used multiple different stickers to decorate the exterior, then seal it with a clear coat. Although this will make the car look unique, it may not make it look expensive unless you use specific stickers. Instead, use a car wrap, which is kind of like a giant sticker. Paint can be costly, but you can get a car wrap for about $100.

5. Steering Wheel

You can buy an old steering wheel from a junkyard, or a repurposed one online. Larger steering wheels, like the ones that used to be made for 70’s Cadillacs, can add a lot of class and style to an old vehicle. A large steering wheel also looks more expensive in general, even if they appear old or out of style.

6. Seat Covers

Customised seat covers are cheaper than you think, and that’s mostly because most seats are a standard size, so they’re easy to produce. Leather seats will be expensive, so don’t purchase those. Instead, get cotton covers that can easily be taken off and washed if they get dirty. Seat covers come in multiple colours and patterns, and they can easily fit with the theme of your interior. Black and red are popular because red is the colour of passion and success.