5 Essential Ironing Tips

There are so many easy mistakes to make during this tricky task. So here are a few of our top tips to make easy ironing.

1. Make use of the entire ironing board

By investing in a sturdy and good quality ironing board like this one from by Joseph Joseph, you can save plenty of time by using the full board. Place your top over the end, being careful not to stretch the fabric, and iron into the stretched out crevices. This one is also easy to store!

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2. Invest in a good iron

Opt for a steam iron! A steam iron is the best way to give your clothes a professionally pressed look and feel from the comfort of your home. The steam from the iron moistens the fibers of your clothes and makes them easier to press. Not only this, but the steam also helps keep the fibers in place for a longer duration.

We love the PerfectCare 8000 Series from Philips which is the ultimate iron for steaming those creases out.

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Clothes Hangers on Wooden Hangers

3. Hang up or fold your ironed items immediately

You’ve spent all that time ironing, don’t make it go to waste.

Keep a selection of coat hangers nearby whilst ironing and you’ll be able to hang garments up right away. For those items you aren’t hanging, fold them on a flat surface immediately and put to one side.

4. Use the correct ironing technique

Yes, there really is such a thing as an ‘ironing technique’. The correct way to iron is in long, straight strokes.

Avoid wiggling the iron around too much, as this may cause the fabric to stretch. It may also create new creases in the fabric, which will be tough to remove.

5. Inside garments inside out where possible

Have you ever noticed a slight sheen on dark clothes post-ironing? This is caused by the heat of the iron.

A simple way to avoid this is by ironing inside out wherever possible. This will help protect the appearance of your garments and keep them looking great.

Happy ironing!