4 Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Garden This Winter

Giving your garden a fresh breath of life in winter is a tricky task. The leaves are falling onto the grass and it’s hard keep up with. Whether you have a lot of time on your hands or not much to spare, it’s good to get out there. While it might not feel like the perfect time to be heading out into our gardens, the positives that come with improving your garden massively outweigh dealing with the cold. With that being said, we have collated 4 ways in which you can spruce up your garden this winter.

Shedding Off the Old Shack

Has your shed seen better days? Or perhaps it’s full to the brim with tools and boxes. It may be time for you to look into getting a new garden shed or adding an outdoor office to your house’s assets. Shedstore has a huge range of high-quality sheds available online. Their choices range from wooden garden sheds to playhouses, log cabins to greenhouses. Shedstore’s range of sheds allow you to find the perfect fit and style for your garden. Buying a brand-new shed in the UK has never been easier.

Since we’re all spending so much time in our houses at the moment, a new outlet on our own property would be perfect. If you work from home, separating the areas in the house that you use for your job and the ones that are for relaxing can become complex. If you choose to get yourself a new shed or perhaps an outdoor office, it’s somewhere you can dedicate to work. It’s a new place for your brain to explore and attune to. Something that we’ve been lacking across 2020.

Plant the Seeds of Spring

If you’re not a seasoned gardener, you may believe that planting is only done in the nicer parts of the year. Well, that isn’t the case. Planting new plants in the winter gives them plenty of time to acclimatise to their new surroundings and on top of that, early root growth can be seen in the spring if this is done. This comes a long time before that summer heat will hit our homes. Planting bare root plants is the way to go. These are plants that are sold without any soil around their roots. It’s a more economical way of planting, and a much bigger choice of fruit trees and bushes can be made available to you this way.

Planting edibles like onions, garlic, potatoes and spinach are just a few examples of what you can get out of winter. These can be harvested straight through winter. There are so many vegetables you can choose from, but you can also delve into plants that will improve the overall scent of your garden. Winter-flowering plants like heather, cyclamen and pansies will bring vibrance into your garden that will challenge the UK’s grey skies. Seeing dashes of colour when we look out the window can lift your mood and give you that push when the deep winter chill works its way around your house.

The Big Clean

If your garden has become cluttered with ornaments that you no longer enjoy or it’s filled with old slabs and furnishings, maybe it’s time to have a clear out. Those things that still hold some value can even be sold online. Utilising sites like eBay or Facebook’s Marketplace, you may be able to make some cash from the unwanted things lying in your garden. Something your home has outgrown might be just the thing someone else is looking for! The items that maybe aren’t worth selling could potentially be donated to charity or work their way over to the dump. Feeling claustrophobic in your own garden isn’t a good sign, so giving it the big declutter will remind you of all the great things you can do out there. You could even introduce some new hobbies into your life with this new space or perhaps pick up a new project that you just didn’t have the room to accomplish. 

In a time where we put pressure on ourselves to be productive, completing tasks as simple as clearing up is good for the brain. With all the uncertainty in the world, nothing is more constant than excitement for new things too. So, purchasing a new bird feeder or bench for our garden when the space has been made can be seen as a reward for your work. It also makes your garden feel fresher at the same time!

Help Out the Wildlife

It isn’t just tough for humans throughout winter. The wildlife has their fair share of trials and tribulations in the coldest months of the year. Any helping hands would greatly aid their plights for survival. Leaving out fresh water every day, building some outdoor shelters and keeping your feeders full is a great way to do your bit for the animal life that traverse the land. On top of this, you’re likely to catch some fantastic glimpses of these creatures first hand. Who knows, you may even get some repeating visitors. We’ve all seen those viral videos of squirrels struggling with icy feeder poles or the rare herd of deer paying a visit to a nutritious garden.

Making your garden more wildlife friendly has so many benefits. One of those is controlling the number of pests you get visiting by attracting natural predators to your stretch of land. They’ll keep the green areas thriving and will only ever take what they need. Also, you’d be doing your bit for the environment. Endangered species come and go, but when we start to take their wellbeing into our own hands, we can really make a difference. Who doesn’t want to have a garden like a David Attenborough documentary?

In conclusion, we’ve discovered that winter doesn’t have to be a time of neglect for our gardens. Maintaining your patch of the land is healthy for your body and your mind. So, you can chuck on your fleece jacket and crack on with those garden improvements.