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4 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Face Coverings for Covid-19

Wearing face coverings in public isn’t yet compulsory in the UK. However, they could soon be, and they are already required in certain circumstances. As a result, it is important to understand what benefits face coverings provide and why they are important.

They Are Mandatory on Public Transport

In the UK, it is now the law that anyone travelling on public transport needs to be wearing a face covering. You don’t have to invest in a proper mask, although these will provide the best protection, but some kind of face covering is now required. Any face covering will be effective at reducing the spread of the virus, but heavy fabrics are going to be uncomfortable in the warmer weather.

You Don’t Have to Be Uncomfortable

One of the most common reasons that people haven’t been wearing masks is because they assume that they are going to be far too uncomfortable to wear all day. However, there are now a number of options on the market, and if comfort is a concern to you, then you can opt for one of the masks that have been designed specifically to be comfortable to wear.

For example, the Air Queen mask is a comfortable medical facemask made from a special highly-breathable fabric. The Air Queen has been rated as equivalent to both the FFP2 mask and the N95 mask. Its pathogen barrier is just as effective as those medical-grade respirators but is much more comfortable to wear for an extended period.

They Protect the Wearer and Other People

One of the most important reasons for encouraging people to wear a mask or face covering is that it will reduce the chances of them spreading the virus to anyone else if they are infected but not yet symptomatic. However, there is growing evidence that wearing a facemask is an effective way of keeping the wearer safe as well as those around them.

With most Covid-19 patients, even those that don’t go on to show any symptoms, there is a period of time between them first being infected and when they begin shedding the virus. Once someone has started shedding the virus, they will be able to spread it to their environment and to people around them. This is why taking measures like wearing a mask or face covering is important even if you don’t feel any symptoms.

If You Can’t Wear a Mask

Some people are unable to wear a mask for a variety of medical reasons. For these people, it is important to observe social distancing guidelines as much as possible and to minimise exposure to other people. Washing your hands regularly with soap and water is also important for destroying the virus and preventing you from leaving it behind on the surfaces you touch.

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings about face coverings and the protection that they provide. However, masks and face coverings are an effective way of reducing the spread of the virus, and it is important for people to understand the benefits.

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