4 Reasons Why Those Quitting Cigarettes Are Switching To Disposable Vapes

In just over a year, the total of people switching to using disposable vapes increased by 12.5%.  This number shows no sign of slowing down, with more people turning to this easy form of smoking, especially those who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes. Whilst there are still people in the UK who still smoke cigarettes, there are those looking to quit the habit but have failed to do so. One of the most effective ways people have quit cigarettes is by switching to disposable vapes.

Leaves No Unpleasant Smell Behind

When smoking cigarettes, it is no secret that the fumes can leave an unpleasant smell on clothes, furniture and even hair. Whereas with using a disposable vape, the smell does not linger or last as long as the smell of cigarettes. For many who have made the switch, this was one of the top reasons for moving on to disposable vapes.

Disposable Vapes Are Discreet

Most disposable vapes available on the market today are compact, slim and can be easily slotted into your pocket without anyone noticing. As such, you can enjoy using your vape without many people noticing. Due to the overall look of the disposable vape and the size, you could hold it in your hand without some people realising.

In addition to this, a few vapes available on the market produce great clouds of vapour after the user has exhaled. With disposable vapes, you will not be producing excessive clouds of vapour that take time to disperse into the air. As a result, you can enjoy using your disposable vape in the comfort of knowing that you will not be attracting any attention to yourself for using one. This perk is beloved by many vape users.

Considerably Cheaper To Vape Than Smoke

Whilst using a disposable vape has more upfront costs than smoking cigarettes, as you need to purchase all of the accessories, it is cheaper by far in comparison to cigarettes. This is because you can control the amount you smoke with a disposable vape than you can with a cigarette, as well as only needing to refill your pen weekly.

The Choice In Flavours Is Delicious

Following the ban of flavoured tobacco products in the EU in May 2020, there is only a limited number of options available for smokers to choose from. However, with vape liquids, the choice is constantly increasing. A quick trip to an e-liquid shop and you will be overwhelmed with the vast range of products they have available. If you are unable to reach an e-liquid shop, a look online at brands such as Podsalt will show you the selection of choice they have, as well as offer a guide into the perks of some of their products such as pod salt flavours.

You Will Be Ready To Quit Before You Realise

In comparison to smoking cigarettes, using a disposable vape is by far easier to cut down on. This is due to having the ability to control your nicotine intake when using your disposable vape, something that is not possible to do when smoking a cigarette. Choosing your preferred nicotine intake level gradually over time will allow you to have control over satisfying your cravings and decrease the amount you intake. Before you know it, you will be able to go without having a smoke.