4 Fun Ways to Be More Active as a Family

Children and parents need to be healthy, and everyone should get at least one hour of exercise every day. Whether this is through rigorous aerobics or another physical activity, being active as a family is important for everyone involved.

There are so many activities that can be performed as a family, and you will be promoting a healthy lifestyle from a young age. With these four suggestions, you may be able to get your kids off the couch and into the sunlight.

Lead By Example

Adults have a tough time managing work and family, so adding in physical activity can seem impossible. The truth is that from a very young age people learn to act out what they see. If they notice those around them are always sleeping in late and eating unhealthily, they start to learn that those are the normal ways of life.

It’s plain and simple. The phrase “practice what you preach” has never been more relevant. You cannot expect other people to engage in an activity that you aren’t willing to participate in yourself. Focus on your daily actions and make changes if you aren’t being active enough as a parent.

Play Indoors

Many kids don’t like to go outside when there is a screen with all their favorite shows on. So, to be more active as a family, you will need to get creative. Choose a sport or activity, and amend the rules so that you can play indoors. Even the act of throwing a ball back and forth between each other is good exercise and it helps with balance.

One of the more common activities to play indoors is baseball. It can be done anywhere in the house where there are no breakables, but be sure you have the right pitching mounds. You can find pitching mounds for all ages where your family can practice their swing. This sport is also ideal during rainy weather when you still want to be active.

Plant a Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Gardening is an excellent form of exercise that provides both body strength training and cardio workouts. Pulling out weeds and digging holes will help build upper body strength, and you can teach your family about vegetables and fruit. Learning where things come from, and working hard for something makes people appreciate it more.

Gardening can be a great way to show your kids where these foods come from, and how they grow. The best part is that you can also consume those fruits and vegetables and follow a more nutritious diet.

Pick a New Adventure Every Month

Make a list of different things that you, your spouse, and your kids want to do this year. Next, cut those activities out and place them in a bowl or hat. Once a month, pick one item and make a deal to stick to it no matter what. It can be anything from visiting the zoo to going to the beach. The idea is it will give everyone in the family something to look forward to because everyone will get a turn at some point.

This can be a family tradition, and each year you will think of more activities that you can enjoy together. The only rule is that it has to be something active that gets everybody moving and having fun.  

Although being active as a family is important for everyone involved, you have to know when to take a break and allow for lazy days. Life cannot always be active and sometimes you need to let your body rest and recover. Make activities more common as a family, but be careful not to overdo them. Otherwise, your family will stop being active because it becomes an effort without downtime.