4 Dissimilarities You Must Know Between Human and Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair thinning and hair fall are common problems women face at some stage of life. According to the NHS, about 8 million women in the UK undergo hair loss or alopecia. To tackle the hair loss where these women seek remedies and treatments, they also opt for hair extensions to elevate their daily looks. 

Hair extensions come in two different types: human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Their further divisions include tape hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions. While choosing the suitable set for yourself, you must do your research beforehand. For making the correct decision, here are a few differences between human and synthetic hair extensions that you should know before buying extensions.

Appearance of Hair

The first most important feature of the hair extension is that it must look like your natural hair. Stylists usually recommend hair extensions that are easy to blend into your natural hair. A synthetic hair extension consists of artificially manufactured filaments such as nylon. These filaments give an unnatural shine to the wig and make it prominent while it is attached to your head. 

On the other hand, human hair extensions consist of a hundred percent human hair, and because of the natural raw material, it blends into the hair without any effort. It also offers a wide range of hair textures and colors for matching purposes.

Durability of Extensions

Most people turn to synthetic hair extensions because of their low-price tag. And yes, human hair extensions do cost more money than synthetic hair extensions, but this money is worth the product. Human hair extensions last longer than synthetic extensions; these extensions do not get damaged easily. A human hair extension can endure anything that actual hair can. 

The durability of the human hair extensions justifies their cost. If you require hair extensions often, you must invest in human hair extensions instead of buying synthetic ones. You will be able to have natural-looking, voluminous hair for a long time.

Heat Resistance 

Many hair styling equipment uses heat to style your hair. You may need to use a hair straightener or a curling iron for a presentable look. Using these heat styling tools on your synthetic extensions will ruin them. The synthetic extensions will crumble like plastic when in contact with a hot curling or straightening iron. 

Conversely, human hair extensions can endure the temperatures of your styling irons. You can also use heat-resistant styling products on your human hair extensions to style them exactly like your natural hair. 

Modification Friendly

People who like to experiment with their looks opt for a different colour of hair every other season. If you prefer to change the colour and length of your hair frequently, synthetic hair extensions may not suit your needs unless you buy a set of new extensions to match your new hair. Besides, there is no guarantee that you will be able to find synthetic extensions to match your new hair.

Human hair extensions are easy to modify, as you can change their colour in the same way you change your natural hair’s colour. You can also ask your stylist to cut your hair or colour it while you are wearing your extensions so that your hair and the extensions mix ideally with each other.