3 Green Business Ideas to Implement in Your Organisation

Consumers are just as interested in a business’s products or services as their commitment to the environment in today’s society. Now more than ever, modern entrepreneurs need to be able to create forward-thinking businesses that both protect the planet and provide consumers with sustainable services or products.

So much so that studies have discovered that consumers are willing to spend an average of 25% more on products whose manufacturers are committed to an environmentally sustainable future. If you’re looking to become a more environmentally friendly business, here are several green businesses ideas to implement at your organisation to help you get started.

Lease Company Cars

For your organisation to be as environmentally friendly as possible, it’s essential that you consider every business aspect, including fleet management. Irrespective of the size of your organisation, if you have company vehicles, it’s worthwhile rethinking how often you use them and if the cost is justified.

Instead of purchasing them outright, you could consider leasing your company vehicles as a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option. The nature of leasing allows business owners to use newer or low-mileage cars without the hefty price tag that comes with them. They are usually fully maintained and come equipped with tires that do not have excessive wear or tear.

Since the vehicles are maintained by leasing companies such as Pink Car Leasing, this helps reduce the emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and keep pollution levels down. If you’d like to learn more about how leasing your company vehicles could help make your organisation greener or browse the lease deals available for business leasing, from Mercedes A-Class Lease Deals to Audi A3 Lease Deals – consider browsing their website.

Put Recycling Bins Everywhere

Unfortunately, you can’t expect your employees to automatically become more eco-conscious just because you’ve told them so. You must provide them with the means of doing so, which means placing recycling bins throughout the office.

Providing an adequate amount of recycling bins in the workplace leaves no excuse for employees not to utilise them. However, if there aren’t sufficient visual reminders, you’ll soon find that staff will forget to adhere to the new recycling rules you’ve put in motion.

Minimise Paper Usage

It’s no secret that paper wastage is a big issue in business, so making a conscious effort to reduce paper usage in your workplace will positively affect your organisation’s approach to becoming more environmentally friendly. Printing less is an obvious choice; however, if your organisation wants to make a big difference in using paper, you could consider going paperless.

You could do this by taking notes electronically, emailing handouts for meetings, adding the meeting’s agenda to your email invite, using cloud storage for files, implementing a printing limit, etc. We understand that minimising your organisation’s paper usage won’t happen overnight, but creating an initial target and tracking your progress is a great way to start.

You can then refer to this initial goal further down the line and decide whether it should be increased, reduced, or kept. If you met the target quickly, maybe you should consider making it more challenging – aiming for 80% less paper usage? On the other hand, if it’s too hard, you could consider making it a little more achievable.