3 Essential Things To Do Before Cohabiting

If marriage isn’t for you, or you’re simply not ready to make that commitment, cohabitation is an excellent idea. It allows you and your partner to enjoy the thrills of being together without having a ring on your finger.

This is ideal, especially if the two of you have children together. However, before entering into anything, there are a few essentials you should do first. That way, your family is prepared should anything happen during the cohabitation.

Work Out A Financial Setup

One of the best things about cohabitation is that you no longer have to cover all expenses by yourself. Things like rent and bills are a shared responsibility, so you can end up saving money that can go towards nicer stuff for you and your partner.

However, before you move in, it’s important you both establish your financial situations and reach an understanding over how things will work. For instance, one party may earn more than the other, so will they pay a greater share of the expenses? Maybe you think there should be a joint fund that you both contribute to, which will act as money for the two of you.

Discussing this stuff and knowing where you each stand on the matter is essential because money is one of the biggest causes of arguments between couples. It’s better you get any potential fights out of the way before you move in together.

Establish An Agreement

No-one goes into a cohabitation expecting to split up with their partner. However, there’s always a risk of things going south, in which case, it’s best to be prepared.

By establishing a cohabitation agreement beforehand, you can ensure that neither one of you gets screwed over should you split up. Robertsons Solicitors is a family lawyer who includes cohabitation agreements as part of their services, so they’re great to turn to if you want to get something written up. Their expertise in all areas of family law mean they’re more than qualified to help you reach an agreement, so you can rest easy once the move happens.

Discuss Your Expectations

Cohabitation is a big deal. For some, it’s just as significant as tying the knot. However, what it means differs depending on who you ask.

If you and your partner are going to live together, it’s essential that you discuss your expectations for this new step in your relationship. The last thing you want is to spend years expecting this to eventually lead somewhere bigger, only to realise your partner has no plans to take things further.

You might think this isn’t worth talking about because you know what both of you are expecting out of it. However, there’s a reason why cohabitating parents struggled more with lockdown than married couples. They realised they had doubts about their other half’s commitment to them, and that led to plenty of separations. That’s not what you want for your relationship.

You should always go into cohabitation feeling confident about your future with your partner. Doing these three essential things beforehand can ensure that happens, so the two of you live together in peace.