Safety Proof Your Home… Making it Child Friendly

Every parent knows that when their little one starts moving, home life gets a whole lot more complicated and safety becomes a priority!

Thankfully, there is now an easy way to baby proof a home room by room with our new Fred Safety Bundles. Fred have designed a bundle for each room in the home so that you get everything you need to start baby proofing in one easy kit.

The four options include Nursery, Kitchen, Dining Room and Home Safety Bundles.


The Fred Safety Nursery Bundle contains a double door block, a furniture anti-tip kit for any bookshelves, drawers or wardrobes and plug socket covers to protect against electric shocks. The kit also includes corner protectors for any low furniture edges and a door slam stopper to save little fingers. We have also added some anti-skid tape to use under rugs so they won’t slip!


The Fred Kitchen Bundle includes a double door block, an invisible magnet lock, a lower drawer catch, top drawer catch and a multi-purpose block which will be enough items to baby proof the average kitchen.

Dining Room…

The Fred Dining Room Bundle has everything to protect little ones from bumps, scrapes and other accidents. Including plug socket covers for any exposed sockets, corner protectors for the dining table, door slam stoppers to protect little fingers, and a furniture anti tip kit which helps keep freestanding furniture upright when a toddler decides to use it as a climbing frame! Everything in the Fred Safety range is easy to fit with clear, simple video instructions and lots of items are adhesive so they won’t damage furniture when it is time to remove them; it really is the easy way to baby proof!

Everywhere else…

There are some items that every room needs when it comes to baby proofing, so this bundle is an adaptable kit that applies to any room in the house. Including a door slam stopper, furniture anti-tip kit, plug socket covers, corner protectors and an invisible magnet lock. It has everything you will need for your living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, a home office, TV room or any other room in the house!

Setting the standards high, Fred is proudly the first range of child safety products in the UK to be fully compliant with EU standards.

With more than two million children under the age of 15 experiencing accidents in and around the home each year, with the 0-4 years age group at most risk, it’s clear to see these bundles are essential.


FredHomeSafetyBundles – RRP from £34.00