​100% natural, unblended British honey

Named after the native British honey bee, Black Bee Honey supports British bees and farmers by providing premium honey sourced from the best British Bee farms.

Co-founders Chris Barnes and Paul Webb work collaboratively with like-minded beekeepers, ensuring the best welfare and quality possible, to produce single origin honey in three distinctive varieties – all jarred in local batches straight from the hive: ​London Honey (harvested from individual boroughs of the capital); ​Summer Honey (​ created by bees from a wonderful mix of wildflowers); and ​British Heather Honey​ (made by bees in Exmoor National Park from British Ling Heather).

Abiding by the mantra “bees know best”, Black Bee Honey is left unprocessed, neither heated nor blended, to ensure that each jar contains optimum flavour and nutritional benefits. Harvested straight from the honeycomb, the honeys carry traces of the seasons, reflecting the weather and flora of the honey bees’ natural habitat. For this reason, each jar is unique in flavour, hue and consistency, tasting the bees’ adventures in every batch.

British Heather Honey ​- This delicious British Ling Heather honey is made by bees in Exmoor National Park with a dark amber colour and malty, smokey flavour. Known as the British Manuka. (230g – RRP £7.95)

Foraged from sea lavender by bees on the salt marshes of the North Norfolk coast, Seaside Honey has an incredible salted caramel flavour. Black Bee Honey work with selected British beekeepers across the UK to produce single-origin honey from London, Exmoor National Park, Cotswolds, the New Forest – and now Norfolk. Believing that nature knows best, the team leave the honey completely unprocessed, 100% natural, letting the individual flavours from these different areas of the UK shine through.

Summer Honey – ​Created by bees from a wonderful mix of wildflowers, this honey has a light colour and unique flavour. A taste of summer in a jar. (250g – RRP £6.95)

London Honey – ​The huge variety of plants and trees in the city’s parks and gardens gives this honey a mind blowing complexity of flavours. Each jar is labelled with the particular borough from where the honey has been harvested. (250g – RRP £8.95)

Stockists – ​Black Bee Honey online shop, Amazon, WholeFoods and various independent delis

Awards – ​Great Taste Awards 2018