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Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups: How to Succeed By Creating Your Own Business

We are witnessing a start-up revolution as a collision of factors occurs: the changing economy, a new rebelliousness amongst the workforce and a new mood of and need for enterprise. The time of a job for life or a job being regarded as the key to security are long past. It’s time to pivot and time to experiment and definitely time to start-up.

Women are one of the key disrupters in this change as they look to create their own narrative in business, setting new standards and rewriting the rulebook along the way: 

  • 1.5 million women are self-employed but with funding for women entrepreneurs growing exponentially
  • UBS is forecasting that 40% of borrowings will go to women in the next decade, a figure that currently stands at 3%

Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups: How to Succeed By Creating Your Own Business, written by two established entrepreneurs, Richard Hall and Rachel Bell, discusses the key disrupters of the “Start Up Revolution” 50+, female entrepreneurs, changing workplace culture, millennial militants with a burning desire to do things their way and experienced professionals who have either been made redundant or become disenchanted with corporate life. This book surfs this new entrepreneurial zeitgeist.

Entrepreneur, parent and author of new book ‘Start Ups, Pivots and Pop Ups’ Rachel Bell is available for interview to chat about the role of women in this start-up revolution, discuss the challenges faced as they look to set up on their own and offer her top tips and advice for women with aspirations of working for themselves in the not so distant future.

See >Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups: How to Succeed By Creating Your Own Businessfor more info.

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