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Quail bonbons…

With prunes, wild mushrooms, celeriac puree and parsley emulsion milk…


• Quail legs 8 each

• Pitted prunes 8 each

• Wild mushrooms 100g

• Celeriac 1/2 each

• Peeled potatoes 300g

• Eggs 2 each

• Flour 2 tbsp.

• Bread crumbs 4 tbsp.

• Milk 300ml

• Butter 60 g

• Olive oil a drizzle

• Persinette or Parsley 1/2 bunch

• Ghoa cress or coriander 1/2 bunch

• Salt, pepper, ground nutmeg


• Debone the quail legs, keeping the smaller bone attached.  Lay them flat, season well and place a pitted prune in the middle of each one.

• Close the legs tight leaving the small bone sticking out in order to form small round parcels, and place them in the freezer for one hour.

• Peel and dice the celeriac and potatoes in even pieces.  Cook in a pan with the milk, half a glass of water and the seasoning.

• Once well cooked, drain and keep the milk.

• Turn the celeriac and potatoes into a puree with 40 g of butter, a spoon of milk and the seasoning.  Reserve until use.

• Heat up some vegetable oil in a deep pan or use a fryer, take the quail legs out of the freezer and dip each one in the flour/beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. 

• Fry them briefly until golden and finish to cook in a oven at 180c for 10 minutes.

• Cook the wild mushrooms in a very hot pan with the rest of the butter and olive oil.  Season well and mix in the Ghoa cress at the end.

• With the help of a hand blender, blend together the persinette with a small amount of milk and season well.

• Reheat the puree, and take out the quail out of the oven.

• Dress the plates with the mushrooms and milk emulsion,  and enjoy hot.

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