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Q&A with local author Gracie Wright

Launched last October, ‘Silly Eric’ a brightly illustrated fun picture book, sends children laughing as they walk with the adorable Eric through his day and identify with the little things he gets muddled up with.

He finds there is nothing wrong with being silly because, at the end of the day, his mother loves him, just the way he is. It’s the perfect gift for little ones aged 2-5.

And, perhaps, for silly older people too! We caught up with Suffolk raised author Gracie Wright about her book series. 

Gracie, where did ‘Silly Eric’ come from?

I happen to be one of those itchy feet creative people who need to create all of the time – always dreaming, always moving. Perhaps it’s writing a song, or a melody, perhaps it’s painting a picture or starting a new venture.

In this case it is children’s stories.


What inspired you?

After 15 years of working with children, I have decided to use my wealth of experience to write a collection of children’s books inspired by the little characters I have looked after and met along the way. Their wonderful imaginations and way of doing things have always made me laugh and I wanted to capture this and share it with other children and families. Although I am still young myself, I believe that no one says it better than a child, honest and to the point!

What makes ‘Silly Eric’ so special?

5% of book sales will go towards U2U World children’s charity, building homes for children without families.

You’ve recently launched a ‘Silly Eric’ day camp?

Yes we’ve organised at Southwold Rugby Club  a range of fun filled activities to encourage children to have fun, work together and be celebrated for who there are. Our slogan is “we love you just the way you are”.

“Back to front and inside out, there’s just so much to learn about!”

Gracie also holds writing workshops and motivational talks at school around the uk. Please get in touch if you are interested, You can buy your copy online from or

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