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NEW Morning Mask Collection from Payot…

Overslept? In a rush but having a skincare emergency? PAYOT’s new Morning Mask Collection combines targeted ingredients with fast-acting formulas… for 15 minute skin fixes tackling all skin concerns.

This beautifully fragranced, multi-faceted new mask collection from leading French skincare brand PAYOT covers every skin SOS situation – boasting 5 new products designed to noticeably balance, refine, hydrate, restore and brighten your complexion within a matter of minutes.

Luxurious yet affordable, PAYOT’s Morning Masks are easy to use, quick to remove and made with Lyocell Fabric (plant based material.) This 100% natural fibre is not only eco-friendly, it’s also proven to deliver more effective results when it comes to masking. Fabric masks absorb larger amounts of product than other materials – and their tightly woven fibres envelope the skin; stopping skincare product from evaporating by forming an occlusive film.

Using masks in the morning doesn’t just give your skin a reinvigorating blast of goodness. PAYOT’s Morning Masks also act as a priming base underneath your makeup, as a form of heat defence (protecting your skin from hairdryer heat) and save time; as they can be applied in the bath or shower, before being quickly removed.

The collection is made up of the:

– PAYOT Bamboo ‘Water Power’ Morning Mask, 19ml
– PAYOT Tea Tree ‘Teens Dream’ Morning Mask, 19ml
– PAYOT Goji Berry ‘Hangover’ Morning Mask, 19ml
– PAYOT Avocado ‘Winter Is Coming’ Morning Mask, 19ml
– PAYOT Green Tea ‘Look Younger’ Morning Mask, 19ml

all of which retail for just £7 each.


PAYOT Bamboo ‘Water Power’ Morning Mask

A plumping & intensely moisturising experience; perfect for dry skin. This luxurious morning mask with bamboo extracts delivers an extreme shot of hydration to the skin, restoring comfort and well-being. It boasts a gorgeous aquatic-yet-floral fragrance to stimulate the senses.
PAYOT Tea Tree ‘Teens Dream’ Morning Mask

Perfect for teenage skin (and for those who struggle with oily / combination complexions) this balancing morning mask leaves skin looking clearer within just 15 minutes. Its inclusion of tea tree purifies, cleanses & refines; with anti-spot qualities preventing future breakouts.
PAYOT Goji Berry ‘Hangover’ Morning Mask

Rich in Vitamin C, this radiance boosting morning mask brightens tired complexions; restoring your healthy glow. No matter how tired you’re feeling, put the morning-after behind you with this 15 minute skin fix! Beautifully fragranced with fresh, fruity notes to awaken your senses.
PAYOT Avocado ‘Winter Is Coming’ Morning Mask

Suitable for all skin types, this comforting morning mask is like a big hug for your face. Enriched with avocado oil, its formula works to nourish the skin and relieve it from all forms of external aggressors; leaving your skin nourished & supple in record time.
PAYOT Green Tea ‘Look Younger’ Morning Mask

A smoothing, firming & lifting experience – all in one fast-acting hit! Enriched with lux green tea extracts (high in anti-oxidants & a source of youth) this morning mask leaves skin instantly revitalised & glowing; a fully rejuvenating experience best suited to mature skin.



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