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Local Artist Rebecca Pymar…

“Suffolk holds a special place in my heart!”

At Bounce Magazine we love celebrating our local area and the people in it, especially our young and talented creatives!

This month we are proud to showcase the work of local artist, Rebecca Pymar.

Editor, Rachel Ducker, caught up with Rebecca to find out more about her style, inspirations and what makes her tick.

R: How did you get into art?

Since a young age, I have always been naturally drawn to artistic activities. I loved to draw and paint on a very instinctive level. It was the one thing at school I felt that I was really good at, so I continued to follow my passion as I grew up.


R: How do you work, and where?

My studio is based at ‘The Cut’ arts centre in Halesworth, which is a hive of creative activity. It allows me to feel much more focused knowing I have so many like-minded people alongside me. As well as providing me with a creative and inspiring work space it is also very practical when I carry out the more menial tasks of packing, printing, framing and admin.

R: Did you study art?

Yes, I did my BA in Fine Art at Loughborough University. I had the most wonderful and inspiring time there and it really set the foundations for my creative working-life.

R: Why have you specifically chosen to focus on local landscapes?

I find them so personable and familiar. So many of these places I hold dearly in my childhood memories. I find when you have more of a connection with a place; it feels like more of a natural process when it comes to painting it. It has also been an opportunity to really show off where I live, and although I am moving on to paint other places around the country, Suffolk holds a special place in my heart!


R: What’s integral to the work of an artist?

Having a unique style. It is important that your body of work is exciting and fresh, but also recognisable as yourself. This is how you build up a loyal and supportive customer base.

R: What is your dream project?

I would love to work on a really big architectural commission. The Artist Camille Walala, is someone who is often commissioned to paint buildings and interiors in her loud, vibrant style. I’d love to do something like that and really let loose with my creativity rather than be restricted to canvas work.

R: What is an artistic outlook on life?

To have an artistic outlook in life means creativity must flow through every part of it. Subconsciously I feed off artistic experiences both in my work and my personal life.

R: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Always draw from what inspires you and be true to yourself. When something is done from the heart, I think it really shows in an artists work. This attitude was instilled into me from my many amazing tutors at Loughborough.

R: Professionally, what’s your goal?

I want to continue to do what I do, but on a much larger and broader scale. Not only do I want to reach locations that inspire me across the UK, but also the world. The more people I can engage with, the more feedback and happiness I get from my work ,which keeps moving me forward and keeps everything fresh.


R: If anyone would like to purchase your art where can they?

Online via my website there is link to my ‘etsy’ shop. Alternatively you can find my work at local outlets including ‘The Concert Hall Shop’ (Snape Maltings) ‘Seaweed and Salt’ (Southwold Pier) ‘The Forum Shop’ Norwich, and many other smaller outlets and galleries too. The full list can be found on my website.

Keep up to date with Rebecca’s latest work at or via her Facebook page –

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