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In the spotlight… Gracie Wright

Award-winning author and singer song-writer Gracie Wright has made a come back to the stage after taking a couple of years to reassess her writing style.

Gracie was invited to sing at this year’s Prince’s Trust regional awards in Norwich and gave a genuine heartfelt performance of her latest song ‘Deeper’.

She started the evening off with the song ‘Fallen’ which she recorded with with Newton Faulkner in 2015. It focuses on the sadness of lose, based on the emotional process Gracie went through when she lost her close friend to suicide.

I felt that this was the song I needed to open with and sing to the Prince’s Trust audience, as so many of them have lost people friends, family, and dealt with suicidal thoughts themselves. It’s not okay that there are so many amazing and wonderful people that think they are so unworthy, that they take their own life. Having been in that position myself I understand how dark it can get when one agrees to those toxic thoughts”.

The song reveals the hidden areas that are often unseen behind the unhappiness, when it’s clear that right now, something needs to change. It’s an observation of watching Gracie’s friend slip away into the wilderness, but with no one seeing the subtle change that was so tragic to end everything.

The audience seemed to be deeply moved – there were rumours of tears.

“I then sang the new song called ‘Deeper’, which affirms breakthrough and overcoming. The chorus powerfully hits the air with affirmations of tearing all the lies down which we say over ourselves daily, that poison our purpose on earth. Which again I thought was perfect to sing over everyone of the incredible winners that have all overcome so much in life to be at the event. Here’s to fresh hope!”

Her passion for speaking and singing truth over people is inspired and very much driven by her love for God and personal relationship with her faith, that has got her to this point of healing and helping her overcome so much.

Gracie knows just what it’s like to be torn down, after she was hit by a car age 11 and lost all of her childhood memories, then had to rebuild her life without being able to retain new memories – that’s confusing for anyone!

She says, “It was sometimes like the movie 50 First Dates, but without the laughter and the lead romance being Adam Sandler, haha”.

She now publicly shares her story of overcoming brain injury through her position as a Young Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust.

After recently been nominated for this year’s Pride of Britain Awards Gracie shares that, “I’m undone by the nomination and feel so blessed to even be considered for such a worthy award. I was in tears when I saw Moin Younis was chatting with David Beckham – things like that, really shine a light on what is important, don’t they?”.

Gracie’s love for music continues as she writes songs of freedom and her love for, hope, new beginnings and Jesus. For more information about her songs and her children’s books visit

She would love to hear from you!

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