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EZVIZ C3A wireless security camera…

For many of us home security is one of those things we feel we should have, but never actually get round to doing anything about it.

Well how about this for a simple and easy to set up solution (even your dad could do it)!

The EZVIZ C3A smart Wi-Fi camera is 100% wire-free camera that it looks sleeker and can help you to cover any angle.

Its Weatherproof and rugged features provide maximum performance year round, both indoors and outdoors.

With embedded SD card slot in C3A camera, you can record up to 128GB . If you choose EZVIZ W2D battery camera base station, you can control 6 C3A cameras together, and effectively prolong the battery life of the C3A.

What are the benefits? 

1. It is 100% wire-Free…

This wireless security camera has a built in battery. this means you can set up the unit anywhere around your home or office, as long as there’s good quality of WiFi signal.

2.Diagonal FOV 126 degrees…

This is the most important aspect of a security camera. how wide can this camera cover. Older generations of security cameras only covers 90 degrees. This means that you don’t need to pan your CCTV to see the whole room. Placing this unit on a corner is good enough to see the whole room.

3. Night Vision up to 7.5m…

This IP camera can clearly see at the dark alright.

4. Two-way Talk…

You can use this camera as a two way radio. This means you can have a conversation mode with anyone when you are using the application on your mobile device with your kids or office mates at home.

5. It’s Weatherproof IP65…

This is one of the major game changer of this device. this means you can place this device outdoor, without the worry of the unit getting sabotage by mother nature.

6. 5,500mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Because this device is wireless, expect the device to have a battery inside. So far, we haven’t tested the total time this wireless security camera can operate, but we are expecting this to go about 3 months to 6 months of security footage in a regular household room.

7. FHD1080P…

This is definitely a standard. If it’s not 1080P quality? Don’t even think about purchasing that unit.

8. PIR Human Detection…

To save on battery, the company placed this feature on, so that whenever there is no motion detected. the camera can go on hibernation mode.

9. Audio Recording…

If you would like to use this to monitor your baby, this is a great solution. You will be able to hear audio while monitoring your baby or child all day.

10. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi…

Since it is wireless, it will need a wireless system to communicate with your phone, right?

MicroSD Slot up to 128G…

One of the good part of this device, is that this is stand alone. this means that this is a totally separate unit acting on its own. But you can still manage all of your camera in the EZVIZ app found in the play store or apple store.

11. Works with the W2D Base Station…

The base station is for you to mount your wireless security camera. Why it saves battery? There is no need for you to pan and direct whenever there is motion. Thanks to its wide angle field of vision.

So with all this, the question is can you afford to not protect your home?

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