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All about Hair Extensions…

Our hair and make-up expert, Kirsty Woolnough, shares her thoughts about hair extensions and what is best for your hair…

The choppy bob and pixie crop cuts come in and out of fashion, however, long bouncy ‘Beyoncé’ waves seem to continue to be a timeless and favorable style.

For some of you, including myself, we simplly cannot achieve this look without a little help. The answer… hair extensions!

Whether you want long luscious locks, thicker, fuller, more volumous hair, or you simply want to temporarily add some length to an up-do for a special occasion like a wedding, there are many options to choose from.

In the last decade hair extensions have come along way so you can now have hair fitted knowing it’s 100% human hair and ethically sourced. It’s achievable to add length or volume to your hair without using any form of glue within a couple of hours causing no damage to your natural hair.


A few methods used by professional technicians currently are:

Wefts-commonly known as weave…

Stylists braid your natural hair to create a base and sew the weft into the braid using a needle and thread.

I tip/micro-loop…

The hair is pulled through a bead or a tube and clamped shut.

Tape in-also known as skin weft…

Where hair is applied using either double or single sided tape.


A keratin utip bond attached to hair using a heat element.


The hair is pulled through a tiny silicone lined bead and clamped shut.

My personal and preferred method in which I offer to clients, is Nano bead hair extensions. It’s very hard to find any fault with this method, but when considering to have Nano’s fitted, you need to do your research and have a consultation.

About Nano’s…

The most obvious positive is that they are very small in size. Almost 90% smaller than micro rings. The silicone lined nanobead holds the correct amount of natural hair placed within the silicone ring and is clamped shut. The silicone protects your hair from damage and the beads are very secure.

I prefer them because they are very discreet and when placed correctly they are completely undetectable when hair is up or down. Nano’s are one of very few methods that suit most hair types especially fine hair.


As long as you’re using a fully insured professional for fitting your hair then rest assured that they will be applied safely, securely, neatly and discreetly. You should receive all after care advice and a maintenance service.



The only thing you do need to fully consider is how to maintain them. Every 6-8 weeks you should be prepared to visit your professional for a refitting.

To speak to Kirsty get in touch on 07817 878750 or visit

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